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Munch with Battler Bull dog at Brownhill Infants Fair
Munch visits his friends for lunch
Munch & Dude have fun by the pool

Hi Guys
I hope you have all had a lovely Half term break and managed to get out and play with your friends and go to the park with your family like me. I've had a super time!
I've also been playing with my animal friends BB and Nibbles my Guinea Pigs.
Nibbles only came to live with us a couple of weeks ago he came from one of my friends from Clough Head Junior & Infants School, Hayden. Sadly Nibbles friend had died as had our Guinea pig's friend too and they were both very sad so we decided to let them live together with me and they are now both very happy.
I have put a great picture on here of me holding them both. (BB is the black one and Nibbles is the multi coloured one)

Here is the list of the schools I'm really excited to be visiting this next half term. See you soon.
Love Munch

5th March Chickenley Community J I & N School. Assembly Visit
6th March Greenside Infants School. Assembly visit
7th March St Joseph's Catholic Primary School. Munch Lunch
11th March Spring Grove J I & N School. Assembly visit
12th March Rowley Lane J I & N School. Assembly visit
13th march Honley CE Inf & Nur School. Munch Lunch
17th March Headlands CE J I & N School. Assembly visit
18th March Scholes Village Primary School. Munch Lunch
20th March Shepley 1st School. Munch lunch
20th March Leeside Community Primary School. Assembly visit
24th March Netherton Infants School. Assembly visit
27th March Pentland Inf & Nur School. Assembly visit
31st March Healey J I & N School. Assembly visits
4th April Brownhill Infants School. Assembly visits

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