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Munch's stay fit tips
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Poster designed and drawn by Gus Ferguson, East Surrey PCT.

Munch's stay fit tips

Sleep well
Munch knows the importance of a good nights sleep. Although we don't seem to be doing anything whilst sleeping, our bodies are working hard at growing and building energy back up for the next busy day.
Eat Breakfast
Munch never leaves the house without breakfast! After an early night and long sleep our bodies need energy......try slow energy release foods to keep you full till lunch such as porridge, shreddies and weetabix, try replacing sugar for honey, and sprinkle some of your favourite fruit on top, Munch likes strawberries or blueberries on his cereal.
Drink water
Drinking lots of water is very important, especially when it's hot. It keeps our muscles strong and helps our brains to concentrate.
Munch does at least one hours exercise every day, this includes walking to and from school and playing out with his friends as well as going to his local KAL sports centre with his friends Dude and Dudette. Exercise helps to keep the Oxygen flowing through our bodies and our hearts stay strong.
Banana Power
After sport and exercise Munch, Due and Dudette are always hungry. They eat a banana instead of chocolate as they have learnt this releases energy into our bodies in half the time of chocolate.
School Lunch
Munch is always first in line for school lunch. Munch knows he will get a scrumptious, healthy meal with a perfect balance of different foods such as fruit & vegetables, dairy, meat and fish and he also knows he will get to try lots of new foods on the special theme days.
New foods
Munch likes to try new and different foods. He knows that although it doesn't always look nice, when you taste it you can find it delicious. He also has learnt that our likes and dislikes change too and that it is always good to keep trying foods we don't like because as we get older we start to like different tastes.
Stay clean
This is an important part of staying healthy.
Brushing our teeth twice a day...This keeps our teeth strong as well as gives us a great smile  Washing our hands.....This is especially important after the toilet and before we eat food as our hands will have touched lots of germs and some of them can be very nasty germs and make us ill.


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