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You should have received a copy of the current menu from your school as part of our Parent's Pack.  However if you have not or would like to download a copy please find links below for your child's school menu.  Having clicked on your school's name it will open up a pdf file of the current menu which you can then either save or print off.    

The menus below are for the Summer term 2018 and will run until the end of October. If you are experiencing any difficulties or your child's school menu is not listed please complete the Contact Us form and we will forward you a copy by email to view or print.

Please note the new menus are currently being added so if your child's school isn't linking yet please check later to download your copy.

Alice Model Nursery

Arnhem Wharf Primary


Bangabandhu Primary 

Beatrice Tate School   

Ben Jonson Primary 

Bigland Green Early Years

Bigland Green Primary  

Bluegate Fields Infants


Elizabeth Selby Primary  


Hague Primary  
Halley Primary 

Harbinger Primary   

Harpley School   

Harry Gosling Primary

Harry Roberts Nursery  

Hermitage Primary  

John Scurr Primary

John Smith's Children's Centre   


Kobi Nazrul Primary  

Lansbury Lawrence Primary 

Lawdale Primary 


Malmesbury Primary  

Manorfield Primary   

Marion Richardson Primary   

Marner Primary  

Mary Sambrook Children's Centre 

Mayflower Primary   

Mowlem Primary   

Old Church Nursery   

Old Ford Primary

Old Palace Primary    

Olga Primary 

Osmani Primary

Overland Children's Centre 


Phoenix Primary   

Poplar Play Centre   


Queen Mary's Children's Centre


Rachel Keeling Nursery 

Redlands Primary   

Seven Mills Primary

Shapla Primary  

Smithy Primary  

Solebay Primary  

St Agnes Primary  

St Anne's Primary  

St Edmund's Primary  

St Elizabeth's Primary  

St John's Primary  

St Luke's Primary  

St Mary's and St Michael's Primary  

St Matthias Primary 

St Paul's Primary   

St Paul's with St Luke's Primary
St Paul's Way Trust Primary

St Saviour's Primary 

Stebon Primary 

Stephen Hawking School 

Stepney Greencoat Primary   

Stewart Headlam Primary  


Thomas Buxton Primary   


Virginia Primary


Wellington Primary

William Davis Primary 

Woolmore Primary    



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