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In Tower Hamlets we have put a great deal of time and effort into creating healthy menus and promoting nutritious food to Primary School pupils. We are also keen to give parents all the information they require and this is the reason we have developed this website.

Many parents and teachers have now asked us to provide the nutritional content of the meals served and this is exactly what we have introduced in this new menu section. If you roll your mouse over the menu items below you will see we have provided nutritional information about the food served.  It is hoped that the current menu will be displayed below within the next two weeks.  T
o help everyone understand the importance and relevance of this information we have provided guidance notes in a downloadable PDF file. 

We have recommended a daily 'Trigger's Choice' Menu that gives each child a nutritionally balanced and healthy lunch. At present the nutritional information provided covers energy, fat and saturated fat, carbohydrate, protein and sodium. We are now working on providing more information about the other nutrients and hope to be able to provide this soon. In the meantime if you need any more information or have any questions then please let us know via the contact page on this website

Click on the link on the right of this page called "School Menus" to view, download or print your child's school specific menu.


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